Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pssst! I gotta tip for ya....

Okay... You know I'm a little obsessed with Kona, right? Hold the heckling, please. Here's the thing... have you ever gone and poked around the Robert Kaufman website? Specifically the Patterns tab? Holy smokes, people! It's treasure trove!
                            200 x 200
There are a pile of patterns from Oh Fransson's Elizabeth Hartmann... such as Fancy Fox, Hazel the Hedgehog II,  and New Wave. Granted, they're not all free, but there's good stuff there!

A little Carol Friedlander perhaps? Or maybe a lot?  Or a treat or two (or three) from Jaybird Quilts of Hex n' More fame?  Or perhaps you want to make that fabulous Parachute quilt recently featured on Crazy Mom Quilts? Yup, the pattern's right there... for free.

Or maybe you want to make a lovely Prismatic Medallion like Kitty over at The Night Quilter. Well, here you go. There's the pattern!
And the best part? You don't need to sign up, create an account or any of that other crap! Just click a link and download the PDF. Score! Sometimes I wonder why I buy quilt books at all. There's enough free content on this one website to keep me busy for eons!

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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Sunday Stash - It was just (point) one...

So I slipped a little this week. But I needed to. I had a problem that wouldn't fix itself without an infusion of fabric.
Yes, dear reader, I was able to hold those pieces of fabric in place with a pin or two. Because I bought 0.1m. Yup. Just a measly 6 inches of each. I have no idea if my LQS has a minimum cut (I've never really needed to know), but this might be it!
And I ran out of thread at a pivotal moment in my FMQ last week-end. Grrrr. Had to pick up another kilometer of thread. Always makes me smile to think of a 1000m spool that way!

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It would appear that my purchases coordinate oh so nicely with Molli's logo!

On-line fabric purchases since last Sunday Stash Post = 0$
Visits to LQS since last Sunday Stash Post = 1 (purchases totaled less than 9$)
Work days lost to fabric related incidents = 0