Tuesday, June 28, 2016

And now for something completely different...

Baby thwarting is a hobby. At least, it is for Himself and I. We spend a lot of time trying to think of ways to keep DT safe and maintain our sanity. This week's issue? GT is climbing out of her crib. We've made changes, but they keep her from seeing BT. Not popular. So pyjama modifications are next up for trial.
Not actually GT. Her escape happened under the cover of darkness!
Wanna know what I did? First step, grab the trusty seam ripper and take out the crotch seam of GT's fav whale jammies.
I used an old tank top of mine to cut a small panel to sew into the seam. I wanted a stretchy fabric and the stash doesn't extend to knits. I even Googled some tips for sewing knits. I used a stretch needle and a zigzag stitch. I even looked up what stitch on my Pfaff would overlock the seam. Yay me! When it came time to inset the panel, it was Wonderclips to the rescue!
And voilà! All ready for thwarting.
It's tricky to climb onto the table or into the armchair, but DT doesn't spend too much time in their jammies. GT can walk and run, but when it comes to lifting her leg to get out of her crib... not so much!
After a trial run in the Pack n' Play where she hopped right out, I had to sew a tuck into the panel to give her less leeway.
And 2 hours later, she's still in bed. One pair down, two to go. Baby thwarting for the win.


Monday, June 27, 2016

Mini mini Monday - Polaroids... again!

Yup. There are always more mini minis being created around here! This week's featured mini mini was for our Maritime Modern Quilt Guild swap a couple weeks ago. It's a blind swap - bring one, get one!

I was struggling to come up with an idea when I got to thinking about the Polaroid quilt I made recently. Honestly, I might now be as obsessed with fussy cutting as I am with mini mini quilts.

First step was to find some wee little things to fussy cut. And they happened to be spring-y in theme!
As often happens when I get carried away with a project, I missed taking a pic of just the Polaroid stage. Suffice it to say that the white strips are very, very small. Since the prints made me think of spring, I went with Kona Peridot, a nice rich green, as my background.
 The centres of the Polaroids finished up at 1 wee little inch!
 I quilted the Kona Peridot very densely to really get the Polaroids to pop.
For the binding, I once again used Crazy Mom Quilts' Binding Tiny Things Tutorial. I considered using the Peridot, but thought those little polka dots would liven things up!
For the backing, I used the same polka dots and I used my trusty Pigma pen to sign it. "Snapshots of Spring"... how's that for a name? ☺
How about you? Have you jumped on the mini mini bandwagon? Are you swapping?


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