Sunday, April 26, 2015

Sunday Stash - Honestly...

This is getting ridiculous. Every week I could write a stash post. Every. Danged. Week. I'm not sewing as much as I used to and there's a lot of fabric in that stash already. Blah, blah, blah. You've heard it before.

Here's what they don't say. Buying fabric just feels good. so there.

Here's the Le Club bundle for April from Fridays Off Fabric Shop. I will also say that it appears her shipping rates have changed... for the better. Just sayin'.
On top there's Anna Maria Horner: Chamomile in Queen, a mysterious purple print, Banner Days in Magenta, and Family Unit in Powder. And then there's some Lizzy House Pearl Bracelet in Parrot and Allison Glass X in Magenta (I selvage!)

And I think I forgot to show you the bundle from March. Silly me. I got all caught up in a New Level of Crazy and the Mother of All Sunday Stashes.
Riley Blake's Girl Bikes in Blue,Snapshots Family in Blue, and Snapshots Home in Pink

Lewis & Irene's Hedgerow Flowers on Earth, Fairy on Duck Egg, and Wishes in the Breeze on Lilac. I'd never seen this designer before but now it's appeared at my LQS!

Some required notions arrived on my doorstep this week... Clover bias tape maker, Clover design sheets, and a clever little Add-a-Quarter ruler. Oh God... don't let me get addicted to clever rulers. The fabric is bad enough.
Since I needed another couple dollars of purchases to get free shipping. Damned free shipping. It gets me every time.
I am not as clever as Miss Val from Purple Boots and Pigtails. My improv letters turn out far too large. Paper piecing it is.

Then Aimee from Candy Coated Quilts showed up with her new curated Kona bundles at yesterday's MMQG Sew In. Ack! So good... from front to back, there's Nectarine, Creamsicle, Turquoise, Capri, and Sky. Yummo.
I'm sure I can stop any time I want to.

I'm linking up with the incomparable Aussie, Molli Sparkles! Sometimes he even writes me back when I leave comments. Squeeee! Like an actual famous bloggy person reads my wee comment.

Molli Sparkles

Now to go sew something!!!


Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Finish - As traditional as I probably get...

With the remains of this year's Snowmageddon leaving us, DT and I can finally get out with the super stroller and tour the 'hood. It's been so sunny that the kiddos have been squinting.. a lot... and their cheeks look pinkish. Enter this week's project...
Some very retro/traditional babywear - bonnets! I used a pattern and tutorial from Purl Bee. It's very easy and quick... I finished off one of these during one day's naptimes. And I had another partially cut out!
I went for the last of my Valori Wells Wrenly Wildfield print. Only scraps remain. Even though it has a lot more pink than I normally go for, I do love it! Good thing I still have lots of the Christmas version left!
So many pins... but they were needed to keep that curve from puckering. I just don't think my trusty Wonder Clips were up to the job! Love those little snippets!
Instead of using a bias tape maker for the bonnet strings, I opted to cut 1½ inch strips, fold them in half, and then press the raw edges in toward the pressed fold. It's the same technique I'd use for making a strap for a bag. And it allows me to break out the Wonder Clips. How long will it be before I break down and buy a rainbow pack? Someone should start a pool...
Once I finished the first bonnet, I just kept on going. It looked a little large for GT, so I whipped up a 3-6 month version. The pattern comes in five sizes: 0-3, 3-6, 6-12, 12-18, 18-24 months. 
And then it was determined that this style could work for BT too. So I grabbed some Ann Kelle foxes and got to sewing again!
I can hardly wait to get them back out in the stroller! They pretty much win best dressed in the family on any given day anyway, but these will hopefully shield them from a little too much sun in the weeks to come!

I'm linking up today with TGIFF @ Things I Make, as well as Finish Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts.