Thursday, July 24, 2014

TSN Thursday!

Nope, I didn't spend all day watching The Sports Network (that's TSN in Canada). I tried something new... my own version of TSN! As usual, it was the Pile O Fabric Skillbuilder BOM pushing my boundaries... so many new techniques! I've been putting off this month's block... not just because my studio's a wreck, but because it's more appliqué. And not just appliqué, but layered appliqué. It's the paint by number of quilting!

Here's the first of my new somethings! I printed on freezer paper. That's right. I've never done it before. I was always afraid that somehow I would gum up my printer. But it went off without a hitch! I can see so many possibilities here... no more printing and tracing onto fusible web. This freezer paper thing is growing on me!
I also spent some quality time making a fabric colour key. This time, the instructor didn't give the specific colours she used, but rather she gave a guideline for us to choose the proper values. Yikes. I'd be lying if I said this was a quick process. Sorting through Kona scraps (my happy place) choosing just the right pieces and using my trust Colour Card to identify them... fun, fun, fun! I should have done this months ago to make the block patterns less confusing... but I just wanted to sew, sew, sew!
Once those templates were roughly cut out, I ironed them onto my starched scraps. So many tiny bits. Then I had to cut them out... even tinier bits!
Since beginning this course, I have bought more new notions than I thought possible. This time it was Liquid Stitch, a super thick, strong glue that dries clear. So happy that I managed to find it at my LQS! In this pic, I'm spreading glue on the back of each little piece and laying it in place based on the pattern. That Liquid Stitch sure does stick, especially when you set it with a hot iron. Another new thing!
 And here's my version of the rotary cutter block... not too shabby, if I do say so myself!
I can hardly wait to get to work on the scissors block. Since I've already got the templates ironed to the selected fabrics, it should come together more quickly than the cutter.

How about you? Did you TSN today or recently? Leave me a comment and let me know all about it!


P.S. I'm linking up to Celtic Stitches' New to Me. This is my first time for this link-up so another TSN!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

WIP Wednesday - All over the road...

This week's WIP Wednesday is, well.... a little all over the road. I've been getting little bits of things done here and there. Right now, the main WIP is...
 ... moving my studio, which sort of explains why there haven't been amazing bouts of productivity. So. Much. Stuff. And I haven't even touched the closet of fabric yet.

This week-end, I finished quilting the top of J-Boy's Good Old Hockey Game. Instead of hand quilting the red lines by the face off circles, I used a heavy, doubled up stitch on my machine. And the binding's on and ready to be stitched on by hand this week. So close to being finished!
Next up, a little something for my guild, the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild. We're participating in our first ever show this fall, the Nova Scotia Fibre Arts Festival. Clearly, this occasion calls for a brand spanking new banner. We were each given pieces of Kona White, Pacific, Prussian, Aqua, Oasis, and Breakers.
I found this cool block, ET Phone Home, on Lily's Quilts, but it was 12 inches finished. So I shrunk the paper piecing templates by printing them at 50% scale. But, oh my, those smallest triangles are tiny!
Yup. There's 10 pieces on each of the small segments (11 on the large segments). That's 84 pieces total on a 6 inch finished block. Clearly, I'm not well. But it's just one block, so it's not that bad. I shudder at the idea of an entire quilt.
  Here's a little sneaky peak. You'll have to hang on for the full reveal another day!
I'm one of the lucky members who gets to make 2 blocks. Which is doubly lucky since I had to dip into my second piece of Aqua to finish the first block. For my second one, I'm going a little more improv with a block I made up myself. Here's the beginnings of it...
And I got my Rainbows & Coal HST quilt layered. I found this cool print from Michael Miller. It's got almost all the colours from top.
 And look at that selvage... yum!
I'd link up with WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced, only it's on vacation this week (and next week). So I'm trying something new, Let's Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts, and I'm linking up with The Needle & Thread Network too!


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sew-vivor - A Quarter Inch from the Edge

I'm a Sew-vivor. Not gonna give up. I'm gonna out-cut, out-piece, and out-quilt. Well, I will if I get chosen for this year's edition of Sewvivor (Season 3: Quilter's Edition) organized by Family Ever After.

When I read about this amazing competition/challenge, I got really excited. There are four rounds of challenges - nautical, a tote bag, hexies, and a lap quilt. You can read even more details by clicking the link given above.

But then the doubt crept in... can I really do this? Am I biting off more than I can chew with two mini humans on the way? But it just looks like too much I'm throwing my proverbial hat in the ring! As my audition entry, I've selected Into Every Life... completed last fall.
I loved making this quilt. I improv pieced the coloured blocks and when I started, I had no idea what they would turn into. I took a page from my quilt-y pal, Q-D's, book and didn't repeat any of the fabrics used. Then I played around with using a temporary design wall in my studio... it really does help your perspective if you can get your blocks up off the floor!
I quilted it in lines with little drops building up on either side of the line. I was thinking of water droplets sliding down a window on a rainy day. I don't make a lot of quilts that are 100% my own design, but this one is. Just another reason it makes me smile!
Here's hoping I get past the audition round and into the Top 16. They're the ones who will actually compete in challenges! Keep those fingers crossed for me, dear readers!