Wednesday, October 29, 2014

WIP Wednesday - More hexies and a heck of a lot of quliting!

Wednesday's rolled around again and my major WIP, Double Trouble, is well... still a work in progress. To distract myself from the discomfort, I've been sewing a fair bit. Isn't it amazing what some quilt therapy can achieve?

This past week-end saw me heading off to the October Sew In for MMQG. I've given up on taking my machine... though MANY of my guildmates offered to carry it to and from the car for me. Such nice ladies! I took advantage of the comfy couch and spent the afternoon handstitching the binding on Honey. Just a sneaky peeky for you today... finish post coming soon!
Our little (but growing!) guild has been asked to participate in a zipper pouch swap with the Victoria Modern Quilt Guild. I couldn't pass it up... I do love a swap! But I figured I'd better get moving and make something before DT makes their appearance! Of course, I decided to do something simple...
Yeah, right. Apparently all the work I've been doing on Honey has turquoise-y hexies stuck in my brain. And I couldn't make large hexies. Where would the fun be in that? These are ¾ inch.
Honestly, the biggest problem with hexies is knowing when to stop. I'm done now. Honest. I just need to quilt this critter and turn it into a zipper pouch!
I finally decided how I wanted to quilt my Global Scrap Bee quilt - which apparently I haven't blogged about since August when the blocks were just starting to roll in! I've been working on emphasizing negative space lately, so I quilted only the white sections. The blocks are so linear - I wanted the FMQ to work with that feeling instead of against it. That goodness for my Pile O Fabric Skill Builder blocks... I used this pattern on the Library Shelf block and it just seems to fit the Converging Corners block.
Sometimes I get into a project and realize that it would have been better to work on the dining room table. This quilt didn't seem so big until I sat down at my studio desk and got to it! A few needles were broken before I realized that the weight of the quilt was really pulling on my machine!
And then... thread-tastrophy! With only this small (one block, really) section left, I completely and utterly ran out of white thread. Progress stalled... oh well, it's not like there's a world wide white thread shortage or something.
An emergency trip to the LQS yesterday (and comments of "You're still sewing?" from the ever helpful staff) saw me finishing all that lovely FMQ today. Now I'm off to handstitch the binding... if the weather holds, I might even cram in a quilty photo shoot one day this week! There's a great location I've been eyeing up for a couple weeks!
Hope you found some time to sew this week - whether you needed it as quilt therapy or not! ☺


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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Having a whale of a time!

Ever since Elizabeth Hartman of Oh, Fransson! launched her new patterns this past summer, I've been smitten with Preppie the Whale. I've made a few taggie blankets in the past (check out all about that here....), but I wanted the ones I was making for Double Trouble to have a little more pizazz. A fine excuse to buy & download Preppie!
Have I mentioned before that I love a digital download? No driving to the store and deliberating. No waiting. No printing it off if you don't feel like it... it's safely stored for posterity on your hard drive. Just don't forget to back up your precious stuff once in a while!

I dove into my Kona stash... choosing the two colours that I used for DT's quilts and two more to accompany them. From the top, there's Grapemist (just for you, Q-D), Honeydew, Aqua, & (a new addition to the team) Goldfish.
Then I got to cutting... each whale has a zillion pieces. Okay, more like 17. But some of them are 1 inch square! Yikes!
At some point after the above pic was taken, I thought that it might have been a smart idea to starch. Oh well... too late now! Once all those little bits were sewn together, some didn't quite fit... you can see the head section is taller than the body section. I'm not sure if a wonky ¼ inch seam allowance is to blame here... I thought I was being careful. ☺
Even if they didn't line up perfectly, they still look danged cute swimming around on my ironing board! Each whale finishes at 4 by 13 inches... odd, odd block size!
Now... to make them into squarish blocks. I added some Kona Ash rather than white... the contrast is just as good and perhaps less likely to stain. I anticipate these will get washed a lot! Grapemist & Honeydew together...
... Goldfish & Aqua!
I missed taking pics of a few steps here... once they were squarish, I sandwiched the blocks with some Minky fabric from the stash and tucked in a zillion and one ribbon tags. I was pretty amazed that I had such a variety of ribbons that coordinated so well!
 Here's one finished Preppie Taggie....
And another... Double Trouble will have to share enough things. It's not like a taggie takes up a lot of room! They finished up at 13 by 12... almost square!
 Snuggly Minky fabric... itty bitties love that dimple dot!
So pleased to have one more thing checked off my "Sew this before the babies get here" list!


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Thursday, October 23, 2014

October TLP & WIP - all rolled into one!

Once again, I'm running a smidge late the monthly update to The Library Project. I only seem to really get my butt in gear when there's a deadline! ☺ The last couple days have seen me working along on my Honey wall hanging...

I was pretty stumped on how to quilt this one. Where it's small, I wanted to push myself and do something  different with the quilting, but I didn't want to take away from the piecing by doing an overall design. #quilterproblems To get things going, I went for zigzags in the grey sashing sections.
It took me a little while to figure out exactly what to do where the three corners meet, but I think I found a good solution! Then it was on to the hexies... I didn't have any suitable thread, so off I went to my LQS.... only to realize I had left the quilt at home. Swiss cheese brain... ugh. So I bought every colour of turquoise-y blue they had. How's that for problem solving?!
When I sought the help of my MMQG guildmates, it was suggested a couple times that I do some sort of echo quilting of the hexie shape... so I did. I can't stand marking complicated patterns... even on something this small... so, I measured and figured out roughly how far apart the lines needed to be to make equal sized echos.
For the large sections of grey negative space, I opted to quilt ghost hexies. I marked where the sashing would have been and zigzagged it and then did echo-style quilting where the hexies would be.
I'm pleased to say that I should have this one finished completely by the end of the week-end! My master plan is to hand stitch the binding at this Saturday's MMQG Sew In. I couldn't be happier to be almost finished my Library Projects. But I do still have another month or two... perhaps I'll try for a bonus round!


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