Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sew-vivor - A Quarter Inch from the Edge

I'm a Sew-vivor. Not gonna give up. I'm gonna out-cut, out-piece, and out-quilt. Well, I will if I get chosen for this year's edition of Sewvivor (Season 3: Quilter's Edition) organized by Family Ever After.

When I read about this amazing competition/challenge, I got really excited. There are four rounds of challenges - nautical, a tote bag, hexies, and a lap quilt. You can read even more details by clicking the link given above.

But then the doubt crept in... can I really do this? Am I biting off more than I can chew with two mini humans on the way? But it just looks like too much I'm throwing my proverbial hat in the ring! As my audition entry, I've selected Into Every Life... completed last fall.
I loved making this quilt. I improv pieced the coloured blocks and when I started, I had no idea what they would turn into. I took a page from my quilt-y pal, Q-D's, book and didn't repeat any of the fabrics used. Then I played around with using a temporary design wall in my studio... it really does help your perspective if you can get your blocks up off the floor!
I quilted it in lines with little drops building up on either side of the line. I was thinking of water droplets sliding down a window on a rainy day. I don't make a lot of quilts that are 100% my own design, but this one is. Just another reason it makes me smile!
Here's hoping I get past the audition round and into the Top 16. They're the ones who will actually compete in challenges! Keep those fingers crossed for me, dear readers!


Friday, July 18, 2014

TLP - July (vacation, vacation, vacation!) Edition

So... a funny thing happened when I was working on the binding for my MQG Michael Miller Challenge quilt, Go Your Own Way.
 I realized that the technique I used to make it (stitch and flip triangles) was from this book....
And you know what else? It's been in my library for quite some time now and I hadn't made anything from it. Woo hoo! Accidental Library Project win! I'm even more pleased with myself because I didn't make a specific project.... I learned a technique and created something all of my own. I'm counting this one as a ½ project again, since I didn't plan for it! Here's the math.

     1 (Oh Deer!)
+ ½ (Christmas Candy Dish Pillows)
+ ½ (Go Your Own Way)
= 2 entire finished projects!

I'm plugging away on my current project for TLP, J-Boy's Good Old Hockey Game. I'm pleased to say that the quilting is extremely, perilously close to being finished (just a couple little lines to add around these face off circles).
The goal was for it to look like those expanses of Kona White look like ice that's been skated on and not yet flooded!
I really wanted to have it finished for this month's link-up, but with a week away in Montréal, coupled with some serious re-organization (we're talking entire rooms), my sewing has been sidelined! I'm sewing with my Q-Squared pals tomorrow and the binding is on the to do list. I'm hoping for a Friday Finish very soon. Where, oh where, shall I photograph it? I think it would look awesome in a rink... just a little tricky to pull off in July! Feel free to leave me a suggestion if you've got one!

Once this quilt is done, I've got two special quilts that require my attention. They may or may not come from my current library. We'll just see!

I'm linking up with Adrienne over at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts for the July link-up. Feel free to pop on over and see what the other TLP bloggers are up to this month!


Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My stop on the New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop!

Welcome! I'm really excited to be participating in Plum and June's New Quilt Blogger Blog Hop. It's an annual event that showcases new, modern quilt bloggers. It's a great chance to see new blogs and share this blog that has become a big part of my life over the past two years.

My name is Jenn and I live in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. When I'm not quilting and blogging about it, I'm a Middle School French teacher at a local independent school. The most exciting non-quilty news in my life these days is that Himself (as I refer to my husband throughout the blog) and I are soon to be parents of twins. Have I started their quilts yet? Nope! Still waffling on a design choice! ☺

*A note about the smudgies in the above photo. Not smudgies, but actual Canadian snowflakes.

A few fun facts about me and my blog:

  • I'm a life-long Girl Guide.
  • I use a LOT of Kona solids in my projects and (one of) my dream job(s) would be to name new Kona colours.
  • I have a weakness for chocolate and peanut butter - together, apart, whatever.
  • I can't throw away selvages. Just. Can't. Do. It. Especially if they don't just have dots on them...
  • I like to take my finished quilts to fun locations for photo shoots.
  • I use nicknames for friends and family on my blog and I rarely show anyone's face. Just because I have a blog, doesn't mean they want to find themselves on it!
  • I don't talk much about my non-quilty life on my blog. I figure people read quilt blogs 'cause they like quilting - not because they care what I made for supper last night or what TV show I'm obsessed with (and that would be Downton Abbey BTW).
My tip for new quilt bloggers is to keep your blog layout simple. Let the star of your blog be your lovely work showcased in big, well-lit photos. I also like to include lots of links to resources I've used to make my blog not just a fun place to visit, but also a useful one!
And my general quilting tip? Make what you love. Period. A number of years ago, my practicality crippled my creativity. I was constantly worrying about where the quilt was going to end up, what it matched, etc. Now, if I feel like making something, I make it. There's always someone out there happy to give a home to your quilty love. Lots of my "just because" quilts make their way to the local women's and children's hospital. It brings me such joy to share them.
Now, my dear readers (and blog hoppers), before you hop over to check out the lovely blogs listed below, why not leave me a comment? I'll even give you a topic (said in Linda Richmond Coffee Talk voice). Perhaps you'll even talk amongst yourselves. What's your quilt-y guilty pleasure? Discuss!
 Elli @ Lovelli Quilts
Sally @ Wonky Patchwork
Leanne @ Devoted Quilter
Karen @  Capitola Quilter

P.S. My quilty guilty pleasure is... Robert Kaufman's Kona solids. I love organizing (and re-organizing) my Konas. They're stacked in warm and cool piles and labeled with yardage and the colour name (even though I own a Colour Card!) I even have a scrap bin just for Konas! I can hardly wait for the 32 new colours to be available!