Wednesday, July 29, 2015

WIP Wednesday - Orange you glad it's Wednesday?

Since my last post about Technicolor Galaxy, I've been picking away at July's block, Orange Peels. I had a little consult with ScrapMaster at our recent MMQG Sew In to come up with a plan for the backgrounds of the next round of blocks. Where the inner ring of blocks all have pieced, scrappy backgrounds, I thought it might look funny for the next ring to have backgrounds that are all one fabric. (Apparently, I like to make more work for myself.) For the Orange Peels, I've opted for improv pieced background. I got to work piecing together all the small scraps I've hoarded saved through the block making process to date.
  Once I had a large enough slab, I ironed on the freezer paper template and cut out the backgrounds.
These Orange Peels are a tricky, tricky business. Each peel (and there are 48 in all) has to be trimmed, then glue basted onto a piece of stabilizer. Have I mentioned that appliqué is not my favourite technique ever? 
A number of very tedious hours later (Thank you, Netflix), I could get on to the business of getting those Orange Peels in place! I opted to iron the freezer paper template to my block rather than my ironing board... it's too hard to see through all those seams!
When I do get to glue them in place, I'll be using my fancy new Fineline glue applicator tip! No more globs of messy glue to deal with!
Sadly, DT opted to sleep for only 45 minutes of yesterday's nap time, so this is as far as I got. Don't they know Mama wanted to have more than this to show off on WIP Wednesday?! I fear it's not much of a priority for them.

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Monday, July 27, 2015

Livin on the Selv-EDGE!

I've been studiously ignoring all the fabulous Alongs popping up all over the blogosphere, but I just couldn't resist this one!
Selvage Along 
I mean, it's selvages (or selvedges... depending on where you live!). You can pop on over to Quilty Habit and see what's coming up. For today, I'm showing off my selvage stash.

I keep a little bowl handy on my sewing space to hold selvages as they come along. As much as I love a good selvage, I don't let myself cut them off fabric until I actually use the fabric for a project.
There's something about the blue glaze on this little bowl that makes me smile!
When the little bowl gets too full to hold more treasures, I open up this nondescript container. In our house, we call them fish boxes!
All these lovelies live inside... organized roughly by colour. Keeping them sorted makes it easier to use them in my projects.
I also have separate bags for black/white/grey selvages as well as tan/brown.
 And then there are the Christmas selvages. One of these days I'll have enough for
 There's even a bag for my precious Amy Butler selvages!

I'm linking up with Quilty Habit... and I'll be popping over to see what the other selvage hoarders have got on the go! I'm hopping to link up again at the end of the Selvage Along with a few of my selvage projects!