Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Stash - Kona-tastic!

At last week's Maritime Modern Quilt Guild Sew In, Aimee of Candy Coated Quilts dropped off the August and September editions of her Candy Coated Collections. All I can say is yum! 
Don't you just want to jump right into cutting them and make something amazing? These collections beg to be kept together! But I'm immune to begging... I'll be sorting them into my colour coded Kona cubbies (Say that five times fast!)
Because I'm a little ridiculous about my Konas, I save the labels. Once the fabric is washed and ironed, the labels go back on. A little planning on the front end saves me time when it comes time to work with the fabric.
One of the other great things about Candy Coated Collections is that for the entire month, the inspiration photos decorate my bulletin board!
I also found a lovely little squishy surprise in my mailbox from the lovely Lynn @ Button Quilts.
Inside I found Ballerina, Honeysuckle, and Scone - three of the Konas I was missing for my Kona colour swatch binder. Don't you wish you had a bloggy friend who sends you random wonderfulness? I'm a lucky, lucky woman. Thanks, Lynn!
I don't necessarily aspire to possess all #OMG303 colours of Kona, but one day, I will have made a project with all of them. Except maybe the browns. ☺ In any case, that's why I have my trusty list to track them.

I'm linking up with the fabulous Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash Here's hoping he's moved on from Liberty prints this week. Where are the solids, Molli? Where are the solids? Oh wait... I guess they're right here!


Friday, August 28, 2015

Friday Finish - Bali Strip Pop!

Not just a Friday Finish, but also my goal for this month's edition of A Lovely Year of Finishes! I was #74 in the Goal Setting Party.... though my goal got a revision mid-month. This quilt was pieced last year and has been hanging about forever, so it's great to have it finished and ready to move on to a new home!
There are lots of bits and pieces in this quilt. I see a pillow case I made for camping, a baby quilt for a co-worker's little one, J-Boy's Christmas quilt from 2009, parts of Miss K's Kaleidoscope... and so many more. It's what I always love about working with scraps... seeing all those previous projects in a little slideshow in my head.
Sometimes it amazes me that I can make a quilt of fabric that I'm really not that excited about anymore (balis) and still really like the finished product! I now have a very small pile of balis left in my stash and have sent all my scraps to new homes. I'm moving on...
The quilting is horizontal wavy lines... perfect for softening up the very linear strips. It'll get even better once it's washed a few times. The thread is variegated teal which blends with many of the fabrics, but really pops on the purple or dark blue sections.
The binding is scrappy... just like the rest of it! I love using up bits and pieces this way. It's also a great way to make the binding blend with the top.
 Yay for finishing things and yay for the sun coming out just in time for a few pictures!
The Deets
Title:  Bali Strip Pop
Size: 53 by 77 inches
Fabrics Used: 2½ inch strips of bali/batik scraps
Quilting: Wavy lines in variegated teal and solid teal (Gutterman) 
Binding: Scrappy balis. Hand stitched with Gutterman 625
Backing: Bali/batik print in black, puple, & blue
Favourite Part(s): Cleaning out the bali scrap bin, reminiscing about past projects, and having something lovely to donate to the adolescent mental health unit of our local women's and children's hospital

I'm linking up today with the Finishes Party for ALYOF, as well as TGIFF @ My Quilt Infatuation AND Finish Up Friday @ Crazy Mom Quilts. Phew! That's a lot of link-ups!