Sunday, August 31, 2014

Sunday Stash - A moment of weakness...

Admit it. Sometimes you just want something.
There's no practicality involved. There's no plan. For me this time, it was this ginormous FQ stack of Cotton & Steel. This fabric line has been plastered all over the quilty blogosphere for months. When I walked into a semi-local fabric shop last Monday, there it was. I've become part of the fabric trend borg. Resistance was futile.

This pack consists of the available colours in the three Basics prints. First up, Netorious. Even the name makes me smile.
 Then, XOXO. How wicked would a plus quilt of these look?
Last up, Dottie. Some of the dots are white, others silver or gold. I'm not ga ga about the gold ones, but it never hurts to branch out.
And to top it all off, 30+ of the 40 pieces have selvage. I am a junkie. I accept that moniker. It is what it is.
Weak, so weak. And egged on by bee-mates. A deadly combination to be sure.
I'm linking up with the fabulous Molli Sparkles for Sunday Stash. It's not glitter, Molli, but damn, it makes me happy.

Did you add anything to your stash this week that makes you just plain happy?


Thursday, August 28, 2014

Quilty Little Secrets

Okay, I'm jumping on the bandwagon here, but after reading Amy at 13 Spools' post (as directed by the one and only Molli Sparkles!) I feel compelled to share my....

 13 Spools
  1. I eat and drink while sewing. Apparently, that's not good for fabric. Eh, it's washable.
  2. I hate pins. Yup, I can be precise without em. Well, precise enough.
  3. I label my Konas. This is not really a secret... and I wouldn't stop even if you mocked me to my face. Been there, ignored that. And I have an inventory system for my other fabric. Again, mock away.
  4. I don't change needles until I break one. Or my thread breaks multiple times in one project. Or the pattern specifically says to use a particular needle.
  5. This is more bloggy than quilty, but I check my pageviews... a lot. I know, I know, I'm a maker. I'm creative. I supposedly to do this for the love of my craft. But I like to know people are reading!
  6. I want to love Kaffe Fassett prints, but I can't. I think he's amazing... even been to one of his lectures. I keep waiting for there to be a print I can't live without, but it never happens. Same goes for AMH.
  7. Directional fabric annoys the heck out of me. 
  8. I don't see why people have so many rulers. 
  9. I don't like decorative stitches. My machine has...well, a lot to choose from... and it's rare, rare day that I ever think of using them. And I'd probably end up breaking a needle because I forgot to change to the proper presser foot anyway.
  10. Pre-cuts mystify me. Really, is it that hard to cut things into squares or strips?
  11. And a bonus just for fun!   I don't wash my quilts when I finish them. They'll get crinkly someday... probably after I drop chocolate coating from an ice cream treat on them. And that fancy quilt wash? Nope. Not in my house. Throw in a Kirkland brand detergent pod and away we go - probably with a few t-shirts or a pair of jeans.
How about you? Does one (or a few!) of these quilty little secrets resonate with you? Are you aghast at my willful disregard of needle changing dogma? Go ahead... leave me a comment. Or maybe you'd prefer to open the vault to your own quilty little secrets....


Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Challenge accepted... and a giveaway!

So, way back in the winter, I was approached by Sew Sisters to do a tutorial for their Kona Club Challenge. Who, me? It's not as if I even like Konas... yeah, right! Between one thing and another, it's been a long time coming... but today's the day! I'm being featured on their blog!

Learn how to make your very own boxy tote - suitable for fat quarters, scraps, and even (gasp) fabric that isn't Kona!

Pop on over and check it out. And to make it even more worth your while, there's a giveaway (open until Thursday, August 28th). Isn't that a nice way to celebrate the last week of summer?