Wednesday, September 24, 2014

TLP - September "Killing two birds with one stone" Edition!

Alas, sewing has ground to a snail's pace around here... But there's nothing quite like a link-up/deadline to get one's butt in gear! Last Friday, September's link-up for the Library Project over at Chezzetcook Modern Quilts went live. 5 days late is better than not at all, right?

So, as I blogged about in the August Edition, for my last Library Project quilt, I've opted to make something just for me. It's destined to live in my newly relocated studio (some day I'll do a post on that, honest I will!). Though I've posted a little about this quilt, I will shamefacedly say that I have made nowhere near the progress of our fearless leader, Ms. Adrienne. Ack!
That said, the top is finished! I'm pleased with how precise my piecing turned out... those Kona Silver sections are ½ inch finished. Yikes! But then dear old Honey just hung out on the design wall for a while....
I admit it. I was afraid to trim it square. There's something about the step of trimming that is a "no going back" sort of thing. But today, in honour of getting my butt in gear for the link-up, I trimmed!
And I, and the quilt, survived! It's a little more rectangular than square, but I wanted to maintain the half triangles formed by trimming the sides.
Since it's trimmed, why not layer this bad boy in a desperate attempt to spur myself onward to quilting? Okay... done. I used a modified version of the Almighty Scrapmaster's Spray Basting Technique. She layers and sprays her quilts right on the design wall... which works for me since the floor seems to be long way down these days! I varied my technique a little... I didn't use a mask. Does it count if I opened the window and held my breath while spraying? ☺
I used Moda's Paris Flea Market print as my backing. Now the question - how to quilt this?! In Modern Patchwork, the author FMQed the finished project using a loop and line pattern. I'm pretty sure I want to FMQ, but want something a little more exciting, perhaps to emphasize the individual hexagon units. Suggestions welcome!

Obviously, I'm linking up with the September Edition of The Library Project. My goal is to have this one quilted and on the wall in time for the October Edition! Gotta have goals, y'all!And since it's Wednesday, I'm gonna jump all over the linking up bandwagon. WIP Wednesday @ Freshly Pieced and Let's Bee Social @ Sew Fresh Quilts, here I come!


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

WIP Wednesday - Return of the selvages & Christmas jammies!

It seems like I'm up to my eyeballs in partially finished tasks lately... and not just in the studio. I swear if there aren't some finishes soon, I'm gonna lose my mind! ☺

During some Quilt Therapy time with the Squares this past week-end, I quilted the selvage pillow-turned-wall hanging from last week. I opted to emphasize the chevron-y-ness (yup, totally made up that word) of the piece.
I didn't want to distract from the selvages... it's really quite busy... so I opted for white thread. In pictures, it only shows well on the back. But I was amazed at the texture that the quilting added to the front. I think it's best viewed in person though!

And I finally got off the fence and made a decision on how to quilt the Plus Two quilts.
Still only showing you a sneaky-peek... patience, grasshoppers, patience! They're all ready to be trimmed and bound!

I did manage to finish these little cuties...

Christmas jammies! They're from a pattern by Made by Rae called Big Butt Baby Pants. The pattern was really easy to understand (the only mistake I made was purely a result of my own carelessness) and includes 6 sizes ranging from 0-3 months to 2T. What a steal at 10$ for the digital download! Himself was a little sad that I didn't have enough fabric to make matching ones for him! I couldn't resist making another pair. Funny, he didn't want ones like these...
Big Butt Clown Pants! In keeping with the long standing tradition of dressing your children in clothes you wouldn't be caught dead in....

With the leftover scraps of the Christmas jammies (and a number of much searched for matching flannels), I'm going to make the babies a Christmas play blanket.

Babies a couple months old don't really need Christmas presents.... but this one will be quick and make for a good backdrop for the inevitable first Christmas photo madness!

Hope you found some time to sew this week! I'm linking up with WIP Wednesday @ Freshly Pieced as well as Let's Bee Social @ Sew Fresh Quilts.


Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Finish! - Gotta love a zipper pouch!

The September meeting of the Maritime Modern Quilt Guild was last night and we had another fantastic exchange! This time - zipper pouches! The style and size was totally up to the makers. Here's what I whipped up!

When I saw the pattern in Issue 10 of Love Patchwork & Quilting (sent to me by a lovely Global Scrap Bee mate), I knew I had to make it! This is one magazine that could make me break my quilting mag fast... there's just so many good things in there! So tempting!
I whipped up the paper pieced cassette block in short order...even though it was a challenge finding something round to make the cassette reels and getting that little bit of selvage positioned perfectly to act as the label. And then... hmmm.... how to make it into a zipper pouch? Luckily, I remembered those Noodlehead Road Trip Cases I made recently and went for the leftover vinyl in my closet.
I made sure to sneak one of my labels on before I added the vinyl back and bound it...
I'd be lying if I said I'm not tempted to make another one... it was hard to give away! But the deal was, bring a zipper pouch, get a zipper pouch. What did I take home? Why this little lovely!
 It even features a bottom gusset so it will stand on its own and I do love a good owl print!
There were so many lovely pouches flying around... if you keep a watch on our guild's blog, you'll likely see pics of all of them!


P.S. I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts... I mean, it's Friday afterall!